A Guide to Administering a Deceased Estate

Like any story, life has a beginning and an end. The beginning is normally announced with much joy and fanfare. The end leaves an emptiness and fills one with sadness. The end also brings with it many problems, not the least of which is the winding up of the estate of a dear deceased. What does one do, and how does one do it? Where does one begin?

The easiest way out is to leave the administration of the estate to an attorney, a bank, a trust company or an insurance company. Indeed, they employ people with the skills and knowledge to do an excellent job. But this comes at a price, of course. For many people this is not a big problem. But for many others the price is often painfully high. So, can something be done about this?

Administration of a deceased estate can be done by your heirs – there is no need to appoint lawyers or financial institutions to do so. You will save thousands of Rands in executor’s fees if you appoint your heir as the executor of your estate!

“Where there is a Will…” is a step-by-step diy guide, the author being a retired financial adviser, which explains in simple easy to follow language what to do and how to do it (with examples) if you are appointed executor of a deceased estate:

  • Letters that must be written
  • Advertisements that are to be placed in the Government Gazette and local newspapers
  • Forms that must legally be completed
  • Accounts that must be drawn up
  • and problems that can arise and how to handle them

“Where there is a Will…” is an excellent guide for heirs who have been appointed executor of a deceased estate, or for those who wish to appoint friends or family as their heir and wish to assist them in administering that will. Contact us by email to order your copy.

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